Sunday, 29 April 2012

Endeca - upgrade release and learning material from Oracle

It has been about 3 months since the finish of Oracle's Endeca acquisition. Last week, a new version was released: Endeca Information Discovery (EID) 2.3. This new release comes with enhancements for three major parts of EID - Latitude Data Integrator, Endeca Server and Endeca Studio. 

For Endeca Latitude Data Integrator, the enhancements are focus on the ease of use for developer, and text enrichment with Sentiment. 

Endeca Server, a new Java Server are introduced to simplify process management. As a single access point for query, Endeca Server manages named data stores (previously known as "DGraph"). Endeca Server also provides management web services to create, attach/detach, start/stop and list data stores. 

For Endeca Studio, a new feature called EID View Model has been added. EID View Model defines a data set which include a set of attributes such as FullName(Dimension), Gender(Dimension), Sales(fact), etc. Then based on created EID View Model, business users can easily create variant types of chart without writing a single line of LQL (Latitude Query Language - for query data in MDEX engine). In addition, after been taken off the product after the acquisition, the Map functionality is back with EID 2.3 now. It's fully integrated with Oracle MapViewer and GeoSpatial text search is supported.
At last but not least, the product team of Endeca has established a Youtube Channel for sharing all the exciting things about Endeca, from product overview to hands-on demonstration. If you want to learn Endeca Information Discovery, the game changing Agile BI product from Oracle, please don't hesitate to subscribe to this Youtube Channel.

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